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       Dandong Fuding Construction Machinery Co., located in one of China’s provincial Economic Development Zones, Dandong Qianyang Economic Development Zone, Dandong, Liaoning. The company is situated between Dandong and Donggang; it is 5 km from Dandong Langtou International Airport and 20 km from the Port of Donggang. Meanwhile, the company is also close to Dandong-Dalian Expressway, the Port of Donggang Railway, China National Highway 201 and the under-construction Dandong-Daliang High Speed Rail. This traffic network incorporating marine, land and air transport considerably facilitates the development of the company.

       The predecessor of the company is Qianyang Agruicultural Machinery Factory which was established in 1958. For half a century, the company has accumulated rich experience in casting. In order to enlarge the company, the company moved to the current location in April, 2010 and was renamed Dandong Fuding Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. The new company covers an area of 38,000 m2 and has a floor area of 20,000 m2 with a registered capital of 11 million yuan and a total investment of 80 million yuan.

       Dandong Fuding Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. insists on improving our technology and craft. We have been striving to make the company a modern, efficient and environmentally- friendly casting enterprise with low energy consumption and emission. In terms of craft, we introduced and adopted advanced casting crafts, for instance high pressure and shooting pressure moulding, shell-core making, three-dimensional technology design and so on. In regards to casting equipment, we first introduced two FBOⅢ shooting pressure removable flask moulding automatic production lines from Japan ( flask size: 605×505×200㎜), which can produce 120 sand moulds per hour and 7000 tons of castings per year. We then introduced a world leading static pressure automatic production line ( flask size: 1000×800×350/300㎜) which can produce 90 sand moulds per hour and 30,000 tons of castings per year. In this way, our production scope has been broadened. In order to produce high-quality molten iron, we purchased serial parallel 12-pulse electronic furnaces (six 3-ton ones and six 1.5-ton ones), which effectively improve the smelting and enable the production of high-grade cast iron or material for special need. Concerning the management and control of the casting, automatic supplying equipment was adopted. The casting management and control software can automatically record the data of the whole casting process, from melting ingredient to smelting, spectrum analysis, temperature measurement, weight of molten iron and so on. All the data are shown on the screen in front of the furnace, which enables the operators to know what is going on. Meanwhile, the data also provide a reliable basis on which the production conditions are analyzed, and the product quality is tracked and improved. In terms of mechanical processing, we purchased a machining center, NC machine tools, boring and milling machines. Specific processing lines can be made for deep processing. In terms of product inspection, a physical and chemical inspection center was established. We purchased image generation automatic judgment metallographic microscope, spectrum determinator, automatic combined carbon and sulfur determinator, automatic data display hydraulic universal testing machine, digital display durometer, sound speed measuring instrument, portable X-ray flaw detector and so on. These instruments can quickly and accurately perform various types of inspection to the products, thus ensuring the quality of our products and the need of our customers.

       The company’s primary products include: six major series of over two thousands casting products for automobiles, agricultural machinery, mining machinery, pump bodies, valves etc. Our products are not merely sold to China’s domestic market; we have been keeping long-term commercial relations with companies from many countries, such as Germany, Japan, the USA,the UK, South Korea, Noway, Brazil, to name only a few.

       The company can produce 45,000 tons of castings annually with an output value of 4,500 million yuan.

       The development of Liaoning Coastal Economic Belt is an essential part of China’s national economic development strategy. Qianyang is located in this belt and has become a critical joint for the merging of Dandong and Donggang. The process of building a beautiful Dandong provides the company with unprecedented opportunities.

       The Company president, Xing Libo, together with the staff, looks forward to cooperation with clients around the world.


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